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Firefighter Stories

Why do we do it and why should you? Hear right from our passionate volunteers.

Read our Firefighter Stories to learn what inspired firefighters to join their local fire department, and what keeps them going in serving their communities.

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Calm and Courageous

Miraculously, Riley was unhurt and immediately started triage and life-saving aid to the wounded prior to the arrival of other first responders.
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The Christmas Miracle

Some Moyers Corners Fire Department members call it “The Christmas Miracle.”
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‘I Was Able to Do the Job as Well as Anyone’

She started as an EMT and progressed to water rescue.
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‘It’s Strong Motivation for Me’

His parents inspired him to join, but it's what he's learned that keeps him going.
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‘The Best Experience I Could Have Asked For’

A first-generation legacy is born in this family focused on positivity.
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‘It Gives Me a Sense of Purpose’

Having already served her country, she decided it was time to serve her community.
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April 13-14, 2024

Find your local volunteer fire department hosting an Open House.