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Firefighter Stories

Why do we do it and why should you? Hear right from our passionate volunteers.

Read our Firefighter Stories to learn what inspired firefighters to join their local fire department, and what keeps them going in serving their communities.

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‘Support Your Community and They Will Support You Back’

I have made time like many other volunteer firefighters have done. It’s a basic recipe with some key ingredients that are needed for the perfect ...
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‘You Never Know Unless You Try’

A single mother of two with a full-time career, she finds the time to do what she loves.
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‘I Always Liked Helping People’

After saving his own home as a teen, he committed early to helping others.
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‘It Achieved a Dream That I’d Had Since I Was a Kid’

He showed up at a training night and signed up on the spot.
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One Last Look

Fred negotiated the apartment fire in zero visibility, blistering heat and without the benefit of a partner to carry out this successful rescue
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‘Like Father, Like Son’

Joel and Andrew Melamed were pleasure boating when a mayday call for assistance came over the marine radio. Father and son immediately drove to the ...
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April 13-14, 2024

Find your local volunteer fire department hosting an Open House.