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Firefighter Stories

Why do we do it and why should you? Hear right from our passionate volunteers.

Read our Firefighter Stories to learn what inspired firefighters to join their local fire department, and what keeps them going in serving their communities.

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‘It’s the Life Lessons That Shaped Me’

He credits the Junior Firefighter program for giving him the passion for the fire service.
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‘I Am So Happy I Chose This Path for My Life’

She reluctantly followed in her family’s footsteps … and couldn’t be happier.
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‘I Learn Something New Every Day’

Inspired to join during high school, volunteer firefighting has been a life-changer.
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‘I Wanted to Do Something with a Greater Purpose’

I was in pretty bad shape, but this EMT was an amazing guy and I told him one day I want to be a firefighter.
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‘I Wouldn’t Be Where I Am Today’

So, now I tell everyone that CPR (and volunteering) saved my life!
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A Firefighting Family Story

A Family Tradition Lives in the Firehouse and at Home
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April 13-14, 2024

Find your local volunteer fire department hosting an Open House.