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‘I Wanted to Do Something with a Greater Purpose’

I was in pretty bad shape, but this EMT was an amazing guy and I told him one day I want to be a firefighter.

By Rob Lewis, Lyons Falls Fire Department

My story starts back in 2007, three days after I graduated from high school. I was out on a sunny day riding my wheeler. I was 18 at the time and was being a daredevil when I decided to pull a wheelie at 65 mph. I had no helmet on my head and the grab bar hit the pavement. I lost control of the wheeler and flew off, smashing my head on the pavement and shattered my right shoulder.

I know for a few minutes, I was not alive. I remember coming back to consciousness with my mother being over top of me tell me not to move. I had a laceration on my head and road burn off the side of my arm and on my face.

Lyons Falls Fire Department and Ambulance Company was called. I met this level III EMT who responded with the ambulance. His name was Robert MacKenzie. I was in and out of consciousness quite a bit. I was laying there on the pavement and he got me on the backboard and started rushing me to the hospital.

I was in pretty bad shape, but this EMT was an amazing guy and I told him one day I want to be a firefighter. He told me he would make that dream of mine come true when I was ready. If it was not for him or the team from Lyons Falls Fire Department, I would not be here today.

So, it was six years ago that I decided I want to become a firefighter. I contacted him then I met with him and the rest of the group and became a member. I wanted to serve my town and do something with a greater purpose. I have been doing that for six years now and I wouldn’t change it a bit.

My brother joined and is also interior with me and we’re both training. My wife also joined a few months after me and is now one of our basic EMTs. It’s a great feeling when you can do something good for your community.

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