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When you join the volunteer fire service, you learn to use the most advanced technology and tools available to protect and serve your community.

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Ordinary men and women are trained to do extraordinary things when they join the volunteer fire service. Training is free and available around the State.

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In addition to the personal rewards of special service to the community, volunteer firefighters enjoy several tangible benefits. Tax breaks, tuition reimbursement and health checkups are only a start. You also enter an environment where you receive invaluable training, experience working with a team and leadership opportunities. You become a part of a centuries-old legacy that you can be proud of.

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There are more than 1,700 fire departments dedicated to the cause throughout New York State. Find your nearest fire organization and learn more about how to join in the training, service and camaraderie that can change your life while strengthening your community..

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From true-life heroic tales and family traditions to life lessons and camaraderie, learn why we join and what it's like to be a volunteer firefighter.

‘It Gives Me a Sense of Purpose’

Having already served her country, she decided it was time to serve her community.

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‘I Always Liked Helping People’

After saving his own home as a teen, he committed early to helping others.

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‘You Never Know Unless You Try’

A single mother of two with a full-time career, she finds the time to do what she loves.

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‘The Best Experience I Could Have Asked For’

A first-generation legacy is born in this family focused on positivity.

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‘It’s Strong Motivation for Me’

His parents inspired him to join, but it's what he's learned that keeps him going.

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‘I Wanted to Do Something with a Greater Purpose’

Saved by a volunteer EMT, he vowed to become firefighter after an accident.

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From the birth of our nation to today, the volunteer fire service of the State of New York has been at its best when times are at their worst. Every call, any situation and every day, we honor a great tradition of being the first to respond in times of tragedy, terrorism and disaster. When you join the volunteer firefighting family, you fight more than fires. You step up whenever and wherever help is needed.

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Our Legacy


This is your chance to truly make a difference in your community. This is your opportunity to get involved in something rewarding and meaningful. Become a first responder to develop leadership skills, get trained with life-saving equipment and experience the camaraderie.

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