‘The Volunteer Fire Department Has Changed My Life’

By Hannah Mullin, Adams Fire Department

I am currently the chief and treasurer of a junior firefighting program called Fire Explorers for my local volunteer fire department in Adams. The volunteer fire department and firemen have changed my life.

About two years ago, my little brother, Grant, was diagnosed with leukemia when at age 4. My family was devastated for a while and we were in a rut for quite some time.

But, any time I went to the Adams Fire Department, there was always someone there asking me if I was OK. Then, unexpectedly, they did an amazing thing for my family.

My dad is the first assistant chief, so this took some work to figure out. The firemen of the Adams Fire Department announced my little brother as “Firefighter of the Year” and “Honorary Firefighter for Life”! They also gave him a mini fire truck that he can drive around. This was amazing for my family.

This helps me know that they always have our back no matter what. Some of the best people with the biggest hearts you will ever find are those who work at a volunteer fire department. There are many firefighters who I know I can turn to when I need help or advice. The Adams Fire Department, I believe, is a perfect example of true brotherhood.