img faqQ. How much time does it take to be a volunteer?
A. It varies from department to department, but on average you'll put in seven or eight hours. Many volunteers enjoy putting in more.

Q. What will my training cost?
A. It will cost you nothing. Professional training from experienced personnel will be made available to you.

Q. How long will it be before I can make a genuine contribution?
A. Immediately. And your responsibilities will increase as you gain experience and training.

Q. Will I have any out-of-pocket costs?
A. No. Your equipment, training – even your annual physical – will be provided for free.

Q. What fire department should I join?
A. Generally, most people volunteer for the department that serves the community in which you live. Not sure which one that is? Don’t worry. When you complete our online application, we’ll automatically route it to the appropriate department, based on the home address you provide, and let you know who that is.

Q. How do I get started?
A. Click here to fill out the volunteer profile form or call us at 855-367-6933. We are happy to help put you in touch with your local fire district. Because districts often overlap town lines, don’t assume that the nearest station is necessarily your local agency – check with us first.